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NCO student recognised for her talent


Keen musician, Alex, a student in Lower Five has had her musical efforts recognised. Alex plays double bass with the National Children’s Orchestra and has received the Dame Ruth Railton Award. This award recognises her involvement, commitment and hard work in the main orchestra and that she has shown consideration for other members in the orchestra. This award not only acknowledges that Alex is required to travel from Guernsey but also that as a musician she has made significant performance development. 

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"I am very happy to have received this award because it has always been a goal to be part of the main orchestra and I have also been recognised for my commitment. Every month I travel to London to rehearse in the regional rehearsals but I am really missing being able to do this at the moment. During the summer holidays I was fortunate enough to take part in the online course with the NCO including masterclasses and a massed arrangement of Bernstein’s Mambo".

In a letter from the NCO, they said " your enthusiam and warm and generous personality has made you such a joy to work with".

Recently Alex performed at St. Stephens’s church with other local members of the National Children’s Orchestra and musicians from The Ladies’ College. One these pieces was a performance of Shenandoah by ex-student Louise on violin, 6th form cellist Evie and Alex on the double bass. This concert was to raise funds for the National Children’s Orchestra and the Guernsey Music Centre.