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The Ladies' College

Procedures in the event of snow 

As with other health and safety advice, the College follow the States’ guidance in terms of whether schools should be open or not.

Given the developments in our IT infrastructure, we are now able to offer a broader provision should we have to shut for safety reasons.

In view of this, the first day of snow will be lighter touch in terms of provision. Whilst there will be an opportunity to connect with teachers, we will have a programme that children can opt in or out of to allow for more time for enjoying the unique opportunity that snow in Guernsey brings.

Should the snow continue, we will on the second day and onwards, revert to a full remote provision within Senior School & Sixth Form, and as close to our usual online live provision will be provided for our younger pupils as is feasible given the conditions.


In the event of overnight snow and ice

  • When snow has fallen overnight, we will communicate decisions about school closure or a later start time no later than 07:15. Parents will receive notification of the College’s decision regarding closure/changes to opening by Parent Hub. Supporting communications will be via Teams (for students) and Parent Hub, Facebook, and local radio for parents, guardians and the wider community.


In the event of snow during the day

  • When snow falls during the day, we will monitor the weather conditions. Parents will receive notification of the College’s decision regarding closure/changes to opening by Parent Hub. We will not ask, nor do we expect your daughter/s to give you this information and are keen to avoid the situation where parents arrive at their daughter’s request outside of our own advice.
  • Sixth Form students will be dismissed from whichever site they are on at the time that a decision is taken by ourselves or Elizabeth College. If at Ladies' College, all Sixth Form students (from both Ladies' College and Elizabeth College) are asked to sign out with a Sixth Form team member in The Leaf Centre.


General information in the event of poor weather

Please be advised that:

- Whilst we do our very best to make the site safe we may not be able to clear all pathways and so both parents and children should proceed with caution.

- We may have limited or indeed no access to The Core, so packed food/drink is required.

- Students are encouraged to wear footwear and outer clothing which keeps them safe and warm.