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The Ladies' College

Living and Working in Guernsey

There are many reasons why Guernsey is a popular holiday destination. For those lucky enough to live here, it can be a wonderful life.

The beautiful beaches, the warm climate and the peaceful beauty of the cliffs all make Guernsey a very special place. Add to that a low crime rate, great health care, low taxes and constant, easy access to the sea. Naturally, life here revolves around the water; enjoying time on and in it is so easy - all year round if you are hardy enough. Or you can just sit in one of Guernsey's fine and varied bars and restaurants and enjoy the sea view.

For children, it's an easy and safe place to grow up. Our girls and their families enjoy the kind of freedom now almost lost in the UK. Many people want to come and live in Guernsey - only a few are lucky enough to do so.