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Pastoral Care

Our Wellbeing Vision Statement

At The Ladies’ College we:

Commit to promoting positive wellbeing throughout our College community.

Understand the importance of wellbeing and the role it plays in creating an environment where all are healthy, happy and achieve their best.

Listensupport and respond to the views of our community and provide opportunities to equip all with the tools needed to maintain a positive wellbeing.


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Wellbeing Award for Schools (WAS)

This year The Ladies’ College is undertaking the Wellbeing Award for Schools (WAS). The award will allow us to build on what we already do and offer additional opportunities to support and promote positive mental health and wellbeing.

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Supporting your daughter’s wellbeing

Pastoral StructureA young person will achieve their best if they are happy and inspired to do well by experienced and enthusiastic teachers who care about them as individuals. At The Ladies’ College we care as much about a student’s well-being and happiness as we do about their academic progress.

In our last ISI Inspection, The Ladies' College provision for pastoral care, support and guidance was judged to be ‘excellent’ with well-developed systems to deal with pastoral issues promptly and effectively. We continually monitor and review all aspects of our care for the students and we hope this page will offer an overview of the support we provide.

"Pupils at The Ladies' College receive exceptional guidance and care through the lattice of form futors, house staff and year coordinators. As a result, pupils' behaviour, both to each other and to adults, is outstanding, and personal relationships across the school are open, honest and empathetic. Form tutors and year coordinators are key conduits for the provision of support for individual pupils." ISI Inspection Report 2016


Our Pastoral Structure - an individual approach

NotesTo provide an environment in which girls grow up happily, develop wide interests and make lifelong friends’ is part of our College aim.


The individual care, support and true sense of belonging will guarantee your daughter has the most fulfilling experience at every stage of her education.

Every girl has a Form Tutor and dedicated Year Coordinator who looks after her, keeps an eye on her progress and helps her to maximise her potential and enjoy her time at College. Year Coordinators work with Form Tutors to provide additional pastoral care and ensure that girls find learning a rewarding experience. Girls are encouraged to achieve their personal best in all areas of College life. The Deputy Principal (Pastoral) has overall responsibility for pastoral matters and parents are welcome to make contact.



Our wellbeing programme

Wellbeing PictureThe aim of the College is to ENCOURAGE, CREATE and INSPIRE our girls to be the best that they can be. To respond positively to setbacks and understand that her best is good enough. We work proactively to anticipate the challenges faced by our girls in today’s world and respond to them through educating before crisis point is reached. As a pastoral team, we use a tracking system to pick up on trends and take time to reflect on how we managed situations to ensure we are constantly evolving.

Joining up different elements of our provision has allowed us to do this more effectively.  For example, PSHEE and ICT not only get taught in timetabled lessons but are reviewed and developed in tutor time.  Our tutor time programme is developed with ICT, Study Skills and PSHEE in mind, covering topics relevant to the students CREATING an environment where we work proactively with the girls by covering topics and challenges that may present themselves in the near future.

In addition to this, wellbeing is threaded throughout every aspect of the College.

Our assembly themes are centred around a value each month to INSPIRE and promote ethical, intellectual, social and emotional development. The value is explored in a number of ways each week by Senior Staff, Year Coordinators and the students themselves. Each month we celebrate those who have demonstrated the value.

Through our displays around the College, we ENCOURAGE the girls to interact, following themes and our values, for example, anti-bullying week and mental health awareness week.


Clubs and support

Our Counsellor runs a weekly happiness club, Reliables Club for Remove as well as a student mentor programme ‘Big Sisters’ run by our Senior Prefect Team.


The Decider Skills

We are a community which aims for our girls to flourish, enjoy their school days and be prepared for a happy and successful adult life. We believe that being more conscious of our thought processes and emotions and the impact these can have on our behaviour is key to building resilience, navigating friendships and supporting positive mental health.

The aim of the Decider Skills External Link 693569 18 course helps our students to learn some simple yet effective cognitive behavioural techniques that equip them with the tools to deal with some of the challenges that they face now, and in the future.


Parent Workshops

At whatever stage your daughter joins The Ladies’ College the partnership between you as parents, the College and your daughter begins it’s exciting journey. The transition into the Senior School, Sixth Form and throughout is stimulating and exciting but seamlessly, stress free, process. We pride ourselves in knowing your daughter and how best to support her at every stage of her College life.

The communication between you, the staff and your daughter is fundamental in ensuring that her experience is positive and productive. Throughout the year parent workshops are offered on a range of topics. In 2018/9 workshops were offered by TeenTips External Link 693569 18 and Self Esteem Team External Link 693569 18 as well as speakers covering topics such as wellbeing, e-safety and Decider Skills. 


Get Exam Fit

Text BoxGet Exam Fit is designed and delivered by the Youth Sport Trust (YST). The Programme offers schools a chance to support student health and wellbeing, and attainment through activities designed to encourage postive, cognitive, affective and behavioural change. The programme was accessed to complement the College's existing wellbeing offer and equip students with the knowledge, skills and confidence to implement positive lifestyle habits and aid exam preparation.

The Get Exam Fit course comprises of four, three hour workshops delivered by YST Athlete Mentor. Workshops combined theory with practical techniques focusing on lifestyle components such as diet, sleep, exercise, organisation and use of technology. The aim is to help students understand how lifestyle choices affect their emotional wellbeing and cognitive function and equip them with techniques to regulate their emotions and cope with stressors. 


Additional support

From time to time, some students will experience specific difficulties and we will support your daughter and work with external agencies as required. Some girls simply want to talk over their concerns and in addition to their Form Tutor and Year Co-ordinator, they also have the opportunity to discuss matters with visiting professionals, such as the College Nurse and our College Counsellor.    

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How to get in touch

To contact us about your daughter’s attendance please ring (01481) 721602 or email

To otherwise contact a tutor or year co-ordinator about your daughter, please email them on, for example

To contact Dr V Mitchell, our Deputy Principal Pastoral and Designated Senior Person (DSP), about your daughter, please email