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Prospective Sixth Form Applicants

Most of our Upper Five students choose to remain with us at Sixth Form however, we also receive applications from students currently studying at other schools in Guernsey, the UK and further afield.

HannahHannah joined us in 2016 and has recently been appointed as Deputy Head Girl, 2017-8.  She has recently written about her experience of starting The Ladies' College as a Sixth Form student.

"I joined The Ladies’ College for Sixth Form last year, and whilst I was only moving up the road from The Grammar School where I had been for the past three years, any move is tough and it takes a time to settle in fully. However, I was surprised with how quickly I did settle, within a day I’d already met the whole year group, where every girl made me feel welcome, and within the first week I knew my way around the College. After a month, I knew most of the teachers, and after a term I could barely remember what it felt like to be the new girl! After a year at The Ladies’ College, I now look back with fond memories on what was one of the best years of my life. Moving schools has been a brilliant life lesson for me, and will hopefully make my transition to university next year far smoother.

I know, from experience, that at other schools, singing in the school choir or even being part of School Council can be seen as uncool, something which has always frustrated me, as I love to get involved, but it’s brilliant how here at The Ladies’ College no one is scared to participate, and this allows us to really embrace all the opportunities on offer. (I often find myself running out of days in the week to fit everything in!) I sat in my first College Speech Day at the end of the last academic year and couldn’t help but feel immensely proud to be part of such a fantastic school as Mrs Clancy read the long list of the school’s many successes of the year."

"I can’t believe I’m now in my last year at The Ladies’ College, and I would urge anyone about to embark on their sixth form years, to seize every opportunity and enjoy it while it lasts, because believe me, it will go by in a flash!"

Hannah Barrett
Upper Sixth


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