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Meet our Head Girl Team

Each year the students and staff elect a Head Girl and prefect team. The Head Girl Team includes the Head Girl, two Deputy Head Girls and a team of Prefects. These students play an integral role in the running of the school working with younger students as well as organising and supporting school events. The Head Girl Team represents the school at both in school and out of school events. They are excellent ambassadors for the school.

Our Head Girl Team gives perspective on life at The Ladies’ College:


"The time I have spent at The Ladies’ College has truly flown by. The school aims to develop all of its students not only by providing an excellent education, but also by offering various opportunities along the way, whether this be through the regular school clubs or other national schemes such as The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. In the Sixth Form the choices become even greater! It really is an environment that cannot be replicated, and the relationships students build with each other, coupled with the overwhelming support from the teachers is a fundamental part of the College experience.

It is therefore an honour to have been awarded the role of Head Girl: a chance to give something back to the school that has been such a huge part of all our lives. I can only hope that the last year of our time at The Ladies’ College will be just as rewarding and fulfilling as the preceding years."

- Elsie (Head Girl, 2020-21)



"I am so excited to be embarking on my final year at The Ladies’ College as Deputy Head Girl. I feel so proud to have been awarded this role and to be able to give something back to the school that has been such an influential force in my life for the last six years. The Ladies’ College experience is one that enriches the academic and social life of every student, providing a quality education as well as many extracurricular activities; all of which supply each young woman with the tools to continue on to great things once they leave. My advice to any student beginning their journey at The Ladies’ College would be to immerse yourself into every opportunity that arises and take advantage of the incredible support that each member of staff offers. There is no school quite like The Ladies’ College and I am looking forward to making the most of my final year!"

- Grace (Deputy Head Girl, 2020-21)


"Since arriving to Guernsey as an introverted 14 year old at the beginning of year 10, I have found that I have truly blossomed and have come into my own at the Ladies’ College. Not only has the school provided me with an excellent education, it has also been where I have formed some of my closest friends and has given me such a varied range of opportunities- both on island and off. From performing in ‘The Little Shop Of Horrors’, to playing interisland netball to even representing my house in the school pancake race, The Ladies’ College community provides a supportive and welcoming environment to all. My time in the sixth form has been invaluable and the enriching experiences we have been offered, for example the MOOT, work experience, TEFL and Young Enterprise, have allowed us to develop many of the skills that we will need as young people going out into the world. 

I feel so lucky to have to been a part of this special place and now finally in my last year, I look back fondly on my time here and cherish the countless memories that I have made. The great relationships formed between students and staff show that they care for the students beyond the exam results and that they are truly invested in each and everyone of us. If I could say one thing to the members of the lower school, it would be to completely immerse themselves in all the opportunities the school has to offer and to not wish your time away as you’ll miss it when you have gone!"

- Beth (Deputy Head Girl, 2020-21)


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