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Meet our Head Girl Team

Each year the students and staff elect a Head Girl and prefect team. The Head Girl Team includes the Head Girl, two Deputy Head Girls and a team of Prefects. These students play an integral role in the running of the school working with younger students as well as organising and supporting school events. The Head Girl Team represents the school at both in school and out of school events. They are excellent ambassadors for the school.

Our Head Girl Team gives perspective on life at The Ladies’ College:


"Being part of an all-girls education system has been an incredibly special and beneficial experience that continues to shape myself as an individual. Since beginning at The Ladies’ College in 2016, I have always felt supported by my teachers, welcomed, and been presented with countless opportunities that prepare me for the wider world. It is a privilege to be Head Girl, and to work with such an amazing group of individuals that make up our senior prefect team, in what I am sure will be an impactful year in which we preserve our values but also make change, leaving behind our legacy.

Embarking on my final year at the college and it being our 150th anniversary, has made me reflect on my time here so far and appreciate being part of a school so deeply founded in history, full of inspiring past and current young women. I am so proud to be a part of this community of female education and urge all students to get engrossed in college life, take up as many of the extra-curricular activities as possible, do not be afraid to ask for help and make mistakes.

The values of this school are ones I will carry with me for a lifetime. I will never forget these pivotal years of my life filled with lifelong friendships, and all that this school has done for me. The Ladies’ College is a school that highlights the importance of choice. Embrace all that the college offers with open arms because before you know it time passes by, you are in Upper Sixth and putting on your uniform for the last time."

- Ria (Head Girl, 2022-23)



"The position of Deputy Head Girl, being at the centre of growth and develop in College, feels like a natural development of my journey representing the school wherever possible over the last seven years. It is an immense duty to be working for the benefit of my peers and those who will inherit the school from us, which is why I feel it is so important to seek out the voices of all members of the community.

Taking on a position of responsibility in school is just a small part of the opportunities the school offers. From sport to music to debating, I strongly recommend that every student takes advantage of the wide variety in offer, as I am proud to have done during my time. It is through these activities with our peers alongside us which built a sense of pride and community for the school which has shaped us. Striving for new goals each day is what will make us the best we can be, and how we can give back to the college.

This is an immensely important year for the college community, past and present, it being the 150th anniversary of the schools’ opening. The celebrations for which will be fabulous. It is important to use this unique opportunity to look back at what has preceeded us, but more importantly, forward, at what we can do for our successors. We are looking forward to reflecting on our duty to the school and our role in the rich history of the College - something we’re not taking for granted."

- Sophie (Deputy Head Girl, 2022-23)



"After joining The Ladies’ College in 2016 I have enjoyed lots of the opportunities that have been offered to me such as music groups, the Monachan Memorial competition, and the MOOT in Sixth Form. These activities allowed me to become a confident student able to achieve the position of Deputy Head Girl for my final year at the school.

The College community is one of support and kindness which is entirely unique to our school. The staff and students work together to create a welcoming environment for any new students. Prospective students are able to discover and pursue what they enjoy whether it is subject or extracurricular related. College encourages students to be the best they can be by inspiring us to aim high and try everything.

I am very excited to start my final year at The Ladies’ College and am so grateful for everything that the school has supported me through. I am looking forward to representing the College in its 150th Anniversary celebrations and giving back to the place that has given me so much. Although I will miss the College once I’ve left, I know that the next generations of Ladies’ College students will enjoy their experience as much as I have. This year will be incredibly rewarding, and I will definitely stay in contact with the College to continue the amazing connections I have created during my time here."

- Julia (Deputy Head Girl, 2022-23)



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