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Meet our Head Girl Team

Each year the students and staff elect a Head Girl and prefect team. The Head Girl Team includes the Head Girl, two Deputy Head Girls and a team of Prefects. These students play an integral role in the running of the school working with younger students as well as organising and supporting school events. The Head Girl Team represents the school at both in school and out of school events. They are excellent ambassadors for the school.

Our Head Girl Team gives perspective on life at The Ladies’ College:


"It is hard to believe that my first day at The Ladies’ College was a whole six years ago, and now I am embarking on my final step here. The Ladies’ College provides an exceptional level of education for young women. The school encourages everyone to be proud of their achievements. It offers a platform for conscientious learning and encourages and celebrates extra curricular activities to allow for girls to leave the College equipped for wherever they chose to go next. Despite acknowledging the importance of GCSEs and A Levels, this is by no means the entirety of focus at The Ladies’ College.  It is essential that girls here grasp every opportunity offered, whether that be Duke of Edinburgh or Science Crest Awards, as the time flies by all too quickly! In light of this, I am honoured to take up the position of Head Girl and look forward to seeing what lies ahead for my final year at The Ladies’ College."

- Louise (Head Girl, 2019-20)



"After my six years attendance at The Ladies’ College I feel privileged to have been awarded the role of Deputy Head Girl as it has provided me with an opportunity to give something back to the school.  To be Deputy Head Girl at such an influential school makes me feel proud to be a student here, amongst many inspirational young ladies.  From Year 7, The Ladies’ College provides girls with an excellent education and enforces opportunities for girls to grow, whilst being surrounded in a friendly working environment.  The transition into Sixth Form encourages independence which provides students with vital skills for their learning and development in their future.  The integration with Elizabeth College establishes vital communication skills, whilst additionally building relationships with the teachers at the college. 

In addition to the excellent standard of teaching the school provides, The Ladies’ College aims to encourage girls to participate in a wider variety of activities to broaden their horizons.  The college offers multiple extra-curricular activities which helps girls build relationships with other students and improve different skills to build upon their strengths.  For example, this year I participated in the Collas Crill Moot which has aided my confidence and public speaking skills whilst also taking part in ICAEW Base Competition and Work Experience at Collas Crill.  The wide range of opportunities offered throughout your time at The Ladies’ College equips girls with the skills necessary to carry forward in their life after college and therefore highlights how important it is to immerse yourself into college life."

- Abigail (Deputy Head Girl 2019-20)


"Since embarking on my Ladies’ College journey at the age of four, I have not only received an outstanding education but been provided with countless, invaluable opportunities to develop myself outside the classroom. Whether it has been performing with the school choirs, working towards my Gold DofE or even travelling to Sri Lanka as part of a volunteering programme, each opportunity the school has provided me with has been uniquely rewarding and has developed a wide variety of skills that will lay an essential foundation for my future endeavours.

I truly believe that The Ladies’ College experience is one beyond the academics. The warm and enriching environment allows us to grow as young individuals whilst developing lifelong friendships and simply enjoying everyday school life. However, it is possibly the relationships that are built with the teachers that are the most valuable; they are fully invested in our happiness and success.

It is hard for me to grasp that I am now in my last year at College.  I do know that, however daunting the future may appear, I am fully equipped to face any challenges I may face due to the experiences I have had here.

To students who may be following in my footsteps, it only becomes apparent how lucky you are to be a member of The Ladies' College family as your journey here is coming to an end, so make the most of every opportunity and embrace every moment."

- Florence (Deputy Head Girl, 2019-20)


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