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Meet our Head Girl Team

Each year the students and staff elect a Head Girl and prefect team. The Head Girl Team includes the Head Girl, two Deputy Head Girls and a team of Prefects. These students play an integral role in the running of the school working with younger students as well as organising and supporting school events. The Head Girl Team represents the school at both in school and out of school events. They are excellent ambassadors for the school.

Our Head Girl Team gives perspective on life at The Ladies’ College:


"It is slightly incomprehensible to me that I am now embarking on my final year of education at The Ladies’ College and, while the future can seem daunting, the skills and support that are provided here give me no doubt that I will be able to thrive whatever the future holds. Our small sixth form provides great pastoral care as all the teachers know you and will do their best to help you when you need it and there is always someone to talk to if you have any coursework, exam anxieties or life questions!

Academics are also not the only focus of our school but there are also a wide range of extra-curricular activities, which enable you to gain a well-rounded education and provide a much-needed break from the hard work of A-Levels.

There truly is a range of opportunities for every student here and I am so proud of being made Head Girl of such an amazing, inspiring school where the emphasis is on helping our transition into resilient young women. I have made lifelong friends at The Ladies’ College and some amazing memories. I would urge everyone to immerse themselves in Sixth Form life, grabbing every chance to try something new as time flies by far too quickly!"

- Katie (Head Girl, 2018-9)



"During the last 6 years I have been at The Ladies’ College, I have come to appreciate the supportive, approachable nature of our community, whether it is through friendly competition in house events, or the sociable atmosphere throughout the school, especially in the Leaf Centre.

In Sixth Form, the school actively encourages each girl to participate in a huge variety of extra-curricular activities, from business-orientated opportunities such as Young Enterprise and the IoD Management Shadowing programme, to other activities such as the Collas Crill Moot, De Putron Challenge inter-schools quiz, and many others.

Personally, I have found the school’s links with the island’s businesses extremely useful, gaining insight into many different career paths through Enrichment lessons, and gaining opportunities to attend lectures by interesting visitors to the island, particularly through the IoD; I attended their annual Convention this year, gaining a valuable networking opportunity. My main recommendation for future Sixth Form students is to volunteer for everything you are interested in – who knows where it could lead!"

- Dani (Deputy Head Girl 2018-9)


"From the moment I joined The Ladies’ College family in Junior Remove at Melrose, I have had many opportunities to push myself academically. The school works hard to create an open and welcoming environment in which pupils of all ages can flourish, encouraging everyone to reach their potential both academically but also through extra-curricular activities. 

It is clear from the outstanding GCSE and A-Level results the school produces, academics are an integral part of The Ladies’ College. However, throughout my time at the school, I have discovered that there is an equal emphasis on the importance of self-development, with classes such as PSHE on the curriculum. 

The support provided throughout my years here has been unparalleled, especially through the joint Sixth Form Partnership with Elizabeth College. In Lower and Upper 6, we have had the opportunity to learn with a diverse range of students in a variety of environments, helping to equip us for whatever our futures hold.

The Ladies’ College has undoubtedly allowed me and my peers to learn in a positive and helpful environment, especially in Sixth Form. It is because of this that I truly believe that to get the most out of your time at school, it’s so important to embrace every opportunity that comes your way."

- Phoebe (Deputy Head Girl, 2018-9)


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