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The Ladies' College

The House System

The vibrant House System at The Ladies’ College makes a vital contribution to the whole school community, allowing the students to mix and work with girls from all years in a diverse range of competitions, challenges and events.

The Houses are student led, offering rich opportunities to develop leadership, resilience and effective communication skills, whilst fostering new friendships, self-belief and teamwork.

The Houses offer a friendly space which inspires a sense of belonging and where girls support and cheer for each other, leading to a growth in self-confidence and kindness whilst having fun and encouraging one another.

Inter-house competitions are designed to be inclusive and girls enthusiastically get involved whatever their interests and strengths. They may write a poem for Creative Writing, dress up as a cow in House Drama or showcase their dance or music talent in the end of term competitions. The House events are much loved by the girls and are contested with good-natured competitiveness, enthusiasm and a sense of joy.


Brock Carey de Sausmarez Durand
Brock Carey de Sausmarez Durand



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