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The Ladies' College

The House System

The House System at The Ladies’ College was established in 1920 with the creation of Brock, Carey and de Sausmarez houses, named after three distinguished Guernsey families associated with the College. The 4th house, Durand, was later introduced as a response to the growing size of the school.

The Houses continue to thrive in the modern day, making a vital contribution to the whole school community by providing girls with opportunities to develop social skills, determination, empathy and leadership skills.

All girls are assigned to a House and remain a member throughout their time at College. Each House is identified by its emblem and colours, with the girls wearing lapel badges on their blazers and T-shirts in House colours for PE competitions. Each House is run by the Senior House Official team, assisted by their Junior House Officials and they are supported by a staff Head of House. The House System is designed to allow the girls to mix in a vertical environment, socialising, competing and supporting members of their House from all school years.

Meetings are held regularly throughout the year, where a strong sense of pride and team spirit is fostered by the girls participating in a variety of team building games and quizzes. Throughout the year students strive to earn House Points for academic work and in a wide selection of sporting, performing and creative challenges. Inter-house competitions are designed to be inclusive and provide a diverse range of opportunities for all girls to get involved whatever their interests and strengths. Activities include the much loved house drama at Christmas, music at Easter, the photography and creative writing competitions, the Spelling Bee, pancake race and numerous sporting events including cross country, hockey, tennis and the annual athletics competition at Footes Lane. At some point during the year each House writes and presents a whole school assembly.

Trinity 2021 Role of Honour:

Knight Trophy: Brock
For House Leadership

Prizes and Certificates Award: Carey
For the House presented with the most Prizes at Speech Day

Coronation Shield: Durand
Awarded to the House with the most points from academic work and commendations

Cock House: Brock
Awarded to the House with the highest total points from all events and activities throughout the year

Guild Ambassador Award: Carey


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