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Co-curricular Activities

At The Ladies' College, we strive to provide our students with a diverse range of experiences beyond the classroom. Engaging in co-curricular activities not only brings enjoyment to their lives but also helps them develop essential skills that will prove invaluable in their future adult lives. We understand that the skills necessary for success in the 21st century extend beyond academic learning.

Our co-curricular program allows students to discover their passions, challenge themselves, and achieve things they never thought possible. We believe that the lessons learned from stepping onto a stage for the first time, conquering a seemingly insurmountable mountain, engaging in a thought-provoking debate, or leading a dance troupe of Prep School pupils are as powerful as any lesson taught in a classroom.

The opportunities are endless.

From Scribbles Club (creative writing) to Netball, and The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award to
Motet Choir, we offer a wide range of clubs, teams, and societies in which our students can participate. We encourage our students to embrace the concept of joyful failure, to try new things, to listen, and to lead. We want them to be ambitious and seize every opportunity that comes their way. As part of our commitment to provide an education relevant to the future work force, we aim to develop the following traits in our students, which are interwoven into all our activities in some way.


Fa Book 18  Co-curricular Activities Information Booklet 2023 - 2024

Fa File Pdf O 18  Co-curricular Activities Trinity 2024


While we have highlighted some of these activities in our information booklet, please note that these traits can be found and cultivated in all activities:

Resilience - Creativity - Critical thinking - Collaboration - Communication - Leadership

We wholeheartedly encourage our students to embrace new experiences and actively engage in the co-curricular life of our school. By doing so, they will have the chance to develop these essential traits and flourish in their personal growth.

We look forward to an enriching and fulfilling year of co-curricular activities ahead!

"Our girls know how to rough it on DofE, they have the compassion to do charity work, they have a voice that drives change, they sing, dance, debate and create...and academically their results are incredible, especially in the context of the breadth of things they do"