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Principal's Welcome

Empowering the voices of the next generation


It is my pleasure to welcome you to The Ladies’ College, one of the longest established girls’ schools in the British Isles.

At The Ladies’ College, we aim to allow every girl to find her voice, to explore ideas, build connections and to have the space to discover who she is.

Our staff are not only passionate about their subjects, but also about the development and empowerment of each individual pupil. We strive to ensure that every girl is known, supported and challenged, so that, both academically and personally, she is digging deeper, being braver and exploring the world around her.

We recognise that kindness is the ground in which all other things grow - in which you can be brave, take risks and learn. We are therefore rightly proud of our pastoral system, and for being the first school in the Channel Islands to be recognised with the Wellbeing Award for Schools. Knowledge and care for our pupils is at the heart of everything we do and our approach empowers pupils to develop resilience and to tackle the things that can be hard.

At The Ladies’ College, the girls take the lead. Whether it is in our fantastic House system, which is run and led entirely by the pupils, in the strong student voice, or in the leadership of activities and the mentoring of others, our pupils are proactive, compassionate and willing to step forward and be at the front.

And their learning doesn’t stop in the classroom. Whether it’s the cutting edge work the girls are doing on the environment and ecology, the fantastic performance skills developed on stage or in the concert hall, or the huge range of sports and outdoor activities our girls take part in, there is something for everybody. Indeed, it is often in our co- curriculum offering that our pupils learn some of life’s most important lessons in terms of teamwork, coping with uncertainty, leading others, and pushing themselves to go beyond what they thought they were capable of.

Finally, we are forward thinking. We want our young women to go into the Fourth Industrial Revolution with all the skills and confidence they are going to need. Technology is woven into what we do. We are a Microsoft Showcase School, recognising our innovative use of technology. From our Robotics Team and coding classes, to our Future Ready Curriculum and design thinking opportunities, we want our students to feel comfortable with using technology to navigate challenges. We offer industry-standard qualifications in Microsoft and Adobe packages and we have recently won a UK-wide award for Independent Research in Schools because of the pioneering experiments and research that our girls are doing. In September 2024 we will be launching our pioneering new programme Pathways, which will run alongside A-levels and has been designed in conjunction with leading businesses and universities to give 21st Century skills to our students. Whether it is in design and technology, science, arts, or analysis, we want our pupils to be flexible thinkers, to be brave enough to engage with the unknown and to be problem solvers in their own right.

There is no one ‘type’ of Ladies’ College student. Instead, we believe that we allow each individual to find her path. We’d love to welcome you to visit our community at any time, so please do come and see what an incredibly special place The Ladies’ College is.

We would be delighted to show you around and for you to meet our girls. Please contact us at or call 01481 721602.

Daniele Harford-Fox



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