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Phase 3

There are two main objectives to the build which began in earnest during the Summer holidays. One is the removal of the ‘temporary’ classrooms, also known as the huts, the other is the addition of the new wing to the senior school.

'Hut City'

The first job was to relocate these temporary classrooms out of the way of the new extension. These huts had to be rebuilt carefully after their move as they are to continue being used until this September when they will finally become redundant after 16 years in use by the College. 

These huts have become known as 'Hut City' by the students and as these images show, they are not suitable facilities for teaching (please click on images to enlarge).

Their original location will be taken up by the new extension with the surrounding grounds landscaped for the benefit of all.

Huts after move
Huts after move
Ladiescollege Huts 2

“We are looking forward to having a new space to work in. The huts are depressing and can be quite cold!”
Lower Four - Guitarists/Singers

The new extension

The build so far is on schedule and beginning to take shape. Please click on images to enlarge.

Build so far, 10th February 2016
Build so far, 10th February 2016
Build so far, 10th February 2016
Build so far, 10th February 2016
Build so far, 10th February 2016
Build so far, 7th December


This entirely new three storey extension will be attached to the current main building and will contain:

Leaf   8 classrooms to replace the huts 
Leaf   A study skills room for learning support
Leaf   Rooms for tutorials
Leaf   A refectory to cater for the Senior School and Melrose, both Juniors and Preparatory
Leaf   A music performance room
Leaf   Sound-proofed music practice rooms with recording facilities
Leaf   A storage area for musical instruments
Leaf   A refurbished reception area
Leaf   Full disabled access with lift

Please have a look through the Architect's Plans:

Architects Plans Pdf

Phase 3 time lapse video

Since July 2015 we have had a camera set up to overlook the progression of the build.


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