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Agfl Dame Mary Perkins Cb

“As employers on this small island, we recognise the need to have a constant flow of skilled and diverse individuals to build and sustain our local workforce of the future. Investment in our educational establishments is an essential part of this. Many of the facilities at The Ladies' College senior school are outdated and in urgent need of redevelopment. This project represents an exciting opportunity to inject much need investment into the school and thereby create an improved learning environment for the girls in all areas of the curriculum.

For Guernsey to remain competitive on the international playing field, we have to ensure we have a diverse and highly skilled workforce which is agile to changing needs. Our clients and customers will expect to be dealing with broad and diverse teams. If we are to encourage and inspire young women in Guernsey to aim high and develop the skills and motivation that we as employers are looking for, we need to invest in the learning environment which nurtures these skills and talents.”

Dame Mary Perkins, Phase 3 Campaign Patron & Governor of The Ladies' College 

Why you and your business?

We firmly believe that Guernsey’s employers and institutions should be investing in the island’s future by investing in girls’ education now.

The College provides a well-rounded, highly-regarded education, within the school’s vibrant, hard-working environment. The girls are encouraged to flourish, with drive, ambition and a desire to achieve. These qualities are nurtured in the College environment – and they are the same qualities which employers need, if they are to sustain and grow their businesses.

The Independent Schools Inspectorate 2013 reported that - “Girls throughout the school are articulate, friendly, well mannered, strongly supportive of each other and concerned for each other's well being.“

From an employers’ perspective, completing the Phase 3 project will make The Ladies’ College a much more attractive proposition for potential employees considering a move to the island. A high-achieving all-girls’ school, with facilities to match, makes a decision to move here that much easier. The Ladies’ College fees - when compared to schools in the UK with similar academic achievements - offer real value for money and should also positively assist with that decision.

Every girl on the island has the opportunity to become a member of this thriving community, on the grounds of academic merit. There are 23 special places in the Senior School which are funded by the States of Guernsey each year.

Students leave with the results, confidence and a sense of social responsibility that they will need in order to be able to contribute positively to society and follow their chosen path in life.


States' funding and value for money

A review of the States' funding of The Ladies' College and the other two Guernsey Colleges in 2011 resulted in the States agreeing that, adopting a phased approach, the amount of the States' funding for the Colleges will reduce by £1.11 million from £4.8 million per annum (2011 values) by year seven of the agreement (i.e. 2018/2019). For The Ladies' College this results in a reduction in States' funding and school fee increases will need to cover the shortfall.

The Ladies' College understands the economic pressures on States' funding and the view of the current Assembly that funds should be provided for the refurbishment and rebuilding of States' schools only. However, set against that potential cost to the Guernsey taxpayer, the College's £7.5 million planned investment - including at least £2 million from donations - to update the facilities and secure the future of the College, offers excellent value for money.

The Ladies' College provides an education to approximately 600 of the island's girls at a current cost to the taxpayer which is lower than if those girls attended one of the schools within the States system. If the College did not exist, the cost of educating the girls within the States' system would require a material increase in the Education Department's budget, including the additional capital required to provide extra school capacity, which is fit for purpose.

Tax position for tax-paying corporate benefactors

Companies which are resident in Guernsey would be permitted to claim a tax deduction in their Guernsey tax computations for amounts contributed to The Ladies’ College Phase 3 campaign, provided that there is a demonstrable element of commercial justification - such as marketing, advertising or recruitment - notwithstanding that there are also aspects of community investment involved.

Evidence of the commercial justification should be retained by the corporate donor, in the event that this is requested by the Director of Income Tax. Such evidence may consist of a board minute or other document setting out the commercial rationale for the donation and the benefits to the business that may arise as a consequence.

The rationale may include a naming opportunity for the donating business (such as on a donors’ board), or in a school magazine or other publication which is likely to be seen by the customers, possible future customers or potential future employees of the donating business. Further information about the potential tax deduction for those institutions paying Guernsey tax is available from the Campaign Office at The Ladies’ College.

Are you able to contribute?

If you would like to view the school in order to understand the planned investment, we would be delighted to arrange this for you. We can also make arrangements for a meeting with the Principal, Ms Daniele Harford-Fox, who would welcome the opportunity to explain how this campaign will benefit the students and the wider community.

Please speak to your contact or the Campaign Manager if you require more information for your internal approval procedures.

If you are able to contribute, please complete and return the Gift Card to your contact or the Campaign Manager.


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