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ISI Report 2013

Melrose and the Pre-Preparatory Department underwent an inspection by the Independent Schools Inspectorate in October 2013.

ISI is a Government approved inspectorate responsible for the inspection of Association independent schools. Schools in the Associations are ranked among the best in the world and educate more than half a million children in 1,200 schools.

An ISI inspection is a holistic assessment that not only looks at the quality of teaching and learning but also at the wider development of the children, whilst also considering welfare, school leadership and the suitability of the school’s premises and accommodation. As ISI inspects all of England's leading independent schools and over 80% of the pupils educated in the independent sector in UK, they are the only inspectorate with direct and current data for comparing standards in international schools with those across the full range of independent schools in Britain, including the best. ISI does not make a single overarching judgement on a school but instead makes a clear judgement on each aspect of its provision using one of the following four grades: excellent, good, satisfactory and unsatisfactory.


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The judgements on Melrose and the Pre-School are as follows:

The quality of pupils' achievements and learning. Excellent
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The contribution of curricular and extra-curricular provision. Excellent
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The quality of teaching. Excellent
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The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of the pupils. Excellent
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The quality of pastoral care and the pupils' welfare, health and safety. Excellent
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The quality of leadership and management. Excellent
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The quality of links with parents, carers and guardians. Excellent
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The quality of governance. Good


"The school is extremely successful in realising its aims concerning the personal development of pupils. Pupils develop confidence in themselves, while recognising and valuing the qualities of others. They grow up happily at school and greatly value their friendships." 

"The quality of curricular and extra-curricular provision is excellent. The curriculum makes a significant contribution to pupils’ learning and achievements. It fully reflects the aims of the school in enabling pupils to enjoy their talents and to develop wide interests." 

Independent Schools Inspectorate 2013


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