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(Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship and Economic Education)

PSHCE is an important part of our pastoral provision at The Ladies’ College.

The curriculum is designed to equip students with the tools they need to live safe and happy lives during their time at College and throughout their adult lives.

PSHCE aims to encourage girls to make informed decisions that promote health, happiness and well-being. It aims to create confident and resilient individuals who strive to be the best they can be. It aims to inspire girls to become active members of the community, embracing diversity and playing their part in securing a positive future for all.

Our curriculum design is based on recommendations from the PSHE Association and statutory UK RSE guidelines. An outline is provided below.


Each year, girls will cover the following topics:

Pshce Spa Solid    Health and well-being
Pshce Heart Solid    Relationships (RSE)
Pshce Briefcase Solid    Living in the wider world      


Below is an overview of our programme of study from Remove to Upper Five:

  Remove Lower Four Upper Four Lower Five Upper Five
Michaelmas 1 Transition and Bullying Mental health and links to physical health Safe and unsafe social groups, Risks associated with alcohol and drug use Mental health and emotional well-being Next Steps (Careers), post 16 options

E-safety (age related access)
Michaelmas 2 Skills for careers
(run, hide, tell)
Careers, goal setting and challenging stereotypes E-safety (identifying harmful content)

Building skills for employment, GCSE choices
The impact of financial decisions
(run, hide, tell)
Mental health and emotional well being
Domestic abuse
Lent 1 Drugs, tobacco, puberty, parenthood, basic first aid Healthy relationships, consent (FGM), teen pregnancy, gender identity, sexual orientation, diverse families) Sexual health, consent and the law, domestic abuse, child sexual exploitation and grooming Healthy relationships, coercive control, contraception, unintended pregnancy, STIs Family Life
Lent 2
Identity, diversity, LGBTQ+

E-safety (online pressures)
Equality, diversity and protected characteristics Road safety

Healthy lifestyles and body image
Addressing extremism and radicalisation

Blood, stem cell and organ donation
Cancer awareness, sexual health, pornography, gender and sexuality, Managing unwanted attention
Trinity 1 Healthy and unhealthy relationships

E-safety (benefits and risks of health apps) Diverse relationships, relationship expectations, risks of sharing sexual images E-Safety (impact of sites on well-being)

Risks and consequences of drug use, vaping
Trinity 2 Financial decision making Drugs, alcohol and tobacco awareness,
basic first aid
Local Government (The States of Guernsey) The world of work and online presence  


* Parents may request to withdraw their child from Sex Education lessons only.

** Some agency support lessons may take place in a different block depending on their availability