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Mock GCSE and A-level Examinations

January and February 2024

The students and parents will be given their timetable by the end of the Michaelmas term 2023. A College briefing will be held in January 2024 to go over all the information that they will need.

The mock examinations will run on the following dates:

•  Upper Five mock examinations are from Wednesday 24 January to Wednesday 7 February 2024
•  Upper Sixth mock examinations are from Thursday 25 January to Thursday 8 February 2024

Students will be entered for the following GCSE and A-level Subjects in Summer 2024

•  (i)GCSE Subject and Examinations Codes
•  A-level Subject and Examination Codes

All students must read the following information below information under JCQ examinations information for candidates 2023-2024


Internal Examinations

May 2024

The students and parents will be given their timetables by the end of the Lent Term 2024. The examinations will run on the following dates:

•  Lower Sixth examinations are from Monday 20 May to Friday 31 May 2024
•  Remove to Lower Five examinations are from Monday 20 May to Friday 24 May 2024


Public Examinations

May and June 2024

The GCSE and A-level examinations will run from Thursday 9 May to Friday 21 June.

All students will attend a briefing in January 2024 and be given their confirmation of entries and their individual timetables.

•  A-level and GCSE Exam calendar for Summer 2024
•  GCSE Examination Briefing (Michaelmas)
•  A-level Examination Briefing (Michaelmas)

Examination Contingency Days

Students will also need to be available for the examination contingency days which are designed to be used in the event of national or significant local disruption to examinations. The dates are afternoons of 6 and 13 June 2024 and the day of 26 June 2024.


JCQ examination information for candidates 2023-24

Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) issue information for candidates which the College must share and ask all students to read before they sit examinations.

Fa File Pdf O 18  Using social media and examinations/assessments – what you can and can’t share with others online and what would be malpractice, leading to potential disqualification from the qualification

Fa File Pdf O 18  Information for candidates – coursework assessments - This document tells you about some things that you must and must not do when you are completing coursework

Fa File Pdf O 18  Information for candidates – Privacy Notice about we share your personal information with the Examination Boards so that we can enter you for the qualifications

Fa File Pdf O 18  Preparing to sit your exams a useful checklist so that you are ready for examination day

Fa File Pdf O 18  Information for candidates – written examinations – a more indepth guide to preparing to sit your exams

External Link 693569 18  Guidance on collecting evidence of student performance to ensure resilience in the qualifications system - GOV.UK (

The Exams Office YouTube about instructing candidates for written examinations:
External Link 693569 18


The Ladies’ College policies for candidates

The following policies have been written to support the students in their examinations:

Fa File Pdf O 18  Internal Appeals Procedure - queries relating to non-examined assessment (coursework) marks

Fa File Pdf O 18  Word Processing Policy



Results days

GCE A-level results will be published on Thursday 15 August 2024 and available for collection at 08.30.

GCSE results will be published on Thursday 22 August 2024 and available for collection at 09.00.

Refreshments will be available in the Core for you and your parents on these dates.


Post Result Services

(Enquiries about Results and Access to Scripts)

There are five services that are provided by the Examination Boards to allow you to have your script(s) reviewed to ensure that you have been awarded the correct mark and/or to allow you to review a copy of your script(s). These are only available for externally assessed components, not coursework units.

They are:

• Priority review of marking (A-level only)
• Review of marking
• Clerical recheck
• Priority copy of script
• Copy of script

A letter explaining these services will be in the students’ results envelope together with a form to complete to request any of the services. Please remember for those who have taken A-levels, you must request any of the above services from the College which you were entered and sat the examination and take the forms to the correct College together with the payment. For those taking (i)GCSEs, if you need help deciding on whether to request one of the services then there will be time to discuss this with your teachers when you return to College in September.


Please note you will require Adobe Acrobat Reader to read or download .pdfs