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Independent Learning


If you are an independent learner you will:

a) be motivated to learn;
b) manage your own learning; and
c) reflect on your learning.

These attributes will enable you to become a successful learner and/or provide you with some insight into your learning achievements that will enhance your motivation to continue learning.

Learning does not end when you leave school or even University – ideas, technology, your skills and aspirations will all change over time. This could include changes in job, hobbies/sports or just how to use a new phone…if we even have phones in the future? To be a successful lifelong learner will help you be successful in whatever you choose to do and ultimately contributes to future well-being.

What does independent learning look like?

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Being Motivated

Managing Your Own


Independent learning does not mean learning on your own. It does mean you will make use of a range of resources including other people, through working collaboratively with others or seeking the help of an expert, as part of your learning. Independent learners can make the most of the opportunities available in a changing world – just knowing the ‘correct answer’ at this moment does not mean it can be applied or that it will always be the right answer!

Independent Learning might include a larger piece of work such as project or coursework or it could just be finding the answer to a question or working through a topic you find difficult. Developing and applying these skills will help you in whatever you choose to do.

Development of Independent learning:

Access to resources

  • Students need to have access to a range of resources including those available directly through the College. The library is key to this and staff need to ensure sufficient up to date resources are identified to support the librarian.
  • Students will be given an initial introduction on how to find resources including how to find, evaluate and reference suitable sources.
  • Development of skills in using resources will then take place through subject areas
  • Independent Learning courses can be introduced e.g. MOOCs, subject specific, edX, etc.

In Melrose Independent Learning characteristics are developed through the Melrose Mindset program.

The rollout program for the Senior School is broken down in the Development Plan. There is an emphasis on developing and applying independent learning skills within lessons, as well as through longer pieces of work.

The Extended Project Qualification is being rolled out to the Sixth Form alongside the move to three linear A levels.


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