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The College also has an independent, NCS Accredited College Counsellor providing a counselling service for students on an individual basis and group basis as well as offering group sessions.  In addition we have a Peer Support Service, offering students the opportunity talk through any issues with trained fellow students.

Counselling supports students in addressing their emotional needs in response to a wide range of life experiences. It can be an effective source of support for students experiencing difficulties, it can enable them to function better both inside and outside of College, enhancing their resilience and giving them resources to manage any future difficulties. 

The Listening Room Counselling Service is part of the Pastoral Care within The Ladies’ College. It is an onsite response for those students requiring the additional expertise that counselling can bring to the overall pastoral support system.



Listening Room (1)1. Why should I come for counselling? 

Counselling can support you in many areas of your life. If something is affecting you negatively then counselling can help. No issue is too big or too small to bring to counselling.   

When things are difficult it is often helpful to find a space to take some time out to reflect and consider the best way forward.    

2. Will the Counsellor  tell anyone what we talk about? 

Everything we discuss is confidential, which means the Counsellor will not pass this information on to anyone. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule and you would discuss these fully when you initially meet. They involve a risk to yourself or others, or if a crime has been committed.       

3. How many sessions can I have? 

You can have 3 sessions with the Counsellor and this often proves to be enough. This is without parental consent. If you decide, after discussion with the Counsellor, that you would benefit from further sessions then these would be chargeable. The Counsellor would write to your parents requiring permission to continue. 

4. What do we do in counselling?  

The Counsellor understands that you may not have the words to explain how you feel at times. She therefore uses various tools and creative methods to support you in exploring your world; some ways of working involve shells, Russian dolls, drawing, positive visualisation etc.      


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