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The Big Debate


We were delighted to recently host our second Big Debate which explored the motion 'This house believes that AI is a force for good'. Offering opportunities for students to engage in debating is an integral part of our provision, and in this video the speakers from both sides of the motion explain why they believe that it is such a valuable and important life skill to master.


We’re incredibly proud of Amal and Tilly for taking part and producing strong and convincing arguments. Thanks again to Kim Sgarlata of Oak Group for joining us and keeping us on our toes, right down to the final gavel.

The team proposing the motion focused on many different factors including:
- How AI has the potential to enhance various sectors including healthcare, sustainability and education.
- Parenting ethically was used to highlight our responsibility in guiding how our children use it and AI’s development.
- They argued that while AI will automate some jobs, it will also create new ones and shift focus to more value-added work.
- The proposition emphasised the importance of controlling and regulating AI development to ensure its ethical and beneficial use.
- They acknowledged that AI can perpetuate biases, but this stems from human input, and we should work on these societal issues directly.
- AI was portrayed as a crucial tool in combating climate change by optimising energy usage and driving sustainability.

The team opposing the motion also gave a convincing discussion:
- They expressed concern not with AI itself, but with human behaviour, including greed and inability to collaborate on complex problems.
- They suggested without proper leadership and regulation, AI could lead to exploitation and societal harm.
- The opposing team raised concerns about AI leading to mass unemployment and the inability of the workforce to adapt quickly enough.
- There was a warning about the risks associated with AI technologies that are self-learning and potentially beyond human control.
- The opposition highlighted the dangers of AI bias and the potential for AI to spread misinformation and manipulate elections, using recent examples.
- They underscored the need for global cooperation, taxes and strategic regulatory frameworks to manage AI’s impact.

Both sides agreed that the future of AI hinges on responsible stewardship and ethical guidance.

Thank you to all involved in another great Big Debate!

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