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Promoting Independent Learning


The UIV classes recently gained the opportunity to work with two Guille-Allès librarians last week. These sessions are designed to promote Independent Learning and were managed by the English teaching staff.

Highlighting the wide range of online materials available to pupils and the changing role of libraries in the C21st, pupils are encouraged to see themselves as part of a much wider learning community and to critically evaluate their research tools:

I thought it was especially helpful to find out what we could access in the Guille-Allès library and especially the website, specifically when we come to our more important examinations and need help revising or researching. The lady who lead the talk was very helpful and clearly knew what she was talking about which made it easier for us as listeners to understand and relate to the lesson. I enjoyed the little tasks she set us because it made the lesson more interactive which was fun!
Esme UIV

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