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Upper Sixth Leavers Day


Dear Upper Sixth students,

It's here..... Leavers Day, and I can sense the emotions running high within us all. We may try to appear cool and collected, or not, but deep down, we know that today marks the end of an era.

As we reflect on your Senior School years, it's hard not to feel sentimental. You've grown so much together, as a year group, as form tutors groups and as individuals. It's been a privilege to watch you all take on Sixth Form life with such enthusiasm and dedication.

Now, as you prepare to leave The Ladies' College, we can't help but feel a sense of sadness. It's been 14 years, some 7 years a mix throughout since you first came through those gates and look how much you have achieved and grown into amazing, strong minded and kind young adults.

So, as we say our goodbyes, let's take a moment to thank your peers, your teachers and everyone who has supported you throughout this journey. You'll always have the memories you have made, and the lessons you’ve learned, to guide you on your next adventure.

Upper Sixth students, it's been an honor to walk this path alongside you. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors, and I know that you'll all do great things, your future is bright, and you have so much potential waiting to be unlocked.

Thank you, and goodbye!

Miss Clements
Head of Sixth Form

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