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Supporting Neurodiversity week


Next week (13th to 17th March) is Neurodiversity Celebration Week, and The Ladies’ College will be learning about the strengths and challenges associated with some of the recognised neurological differences we have in our community. The Head Girl Team explained, “Neurodiversity Week is an important celebration in our school community because our differences allow us to thrive together. Teamwork is one of our priorities within the College, and our diverse thinking creates more intelligent ideas as a team, allowing us to achieve more and progress further. Using diverse thinking styles and ideas helps us communicate effectively and bring us together as a unit.”

Neurodiversity Celebration Week was founded in 2018 by Siena Castellon, a teenage author from Ireland who is autistic and has ADHD, dyslexia, and dyspraxia. It is now an international event aiming to transform how neurodivergent individuals are perceived and supported by empowering schools, universities and organisations to create more inclusive and equitable cultures. The aim is to celebrate neurological differences and change the narrative to focus more on the talents and strengths of those on the neurodiversity spectrum.

The College’s Head Girl Team of Ria, Julia and Sophie will be leading assemblies and tutor time activities throughout the week with all age groups, from the Pre- Preparatory year groups through to their fellow Sixth Form students. Students will learn to identify and celebrate neurological differences and will have the opportunity to contribute to a giant piece of artwork, coordinated by a Ladies’ College Sixth Form student Mathilda, in recognition that everybody is unique.


“At The Ladies’ College, we see our neurodiverse students achieving incredible successes every day. Despite often finding some of the everyday tasks more challenging, students are resilient and determined to succeed. They are upskilled to become independent citizens and encouraged to view their differences as strengths.” said Nicola Ingrouille, the College’s Head of Learning Support. As a College, we feel it is vital that students are exposed to perspectives and school experiences that might be quite different to their own. Mrs Reynolds, Head of Pre-Preparatory, said, “In The Pre-Preparatory Department, we develop and celebrate Neurodiversity on a daily basis. In the Early Years, children learn their place in the world and how they fit into the world around them. We promote patience, empathy and kindness. We celebrate how we are all different, learn differently, act differently, and this is what makes each of us special and our world an incredible place.”


Over recent years, increasing numbers of women and girls of all ages have started to be recognised as having neurological differences, historically seen as being far more prevalent in boys and men. Mr Herschel, teacher of Learning Support, commented, “We know that many neurodiverse girls are incredibly good at masking their challenges because they are very adept at fitting in, much better than their male peers, which can lead to them having to struggle without the support they need to thrive. This is why we feel it is particularly important for us to take part in Neurodiversity Celebration Week at The Ladies’ College.”


More information about Neurodiversity Celebration Week can be found at:   

For further information, please contact Mrs Nicola Ingrouille, Head of Learning Support. or telephone 721602.