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Melrose Drama Production 2023



This week parents and friends from the Junior School will get to watch a fun, silly, delightful, and wonderful story about love and acceptance - a chance to look inside that often talked about book, rather than judging what may lie inside by what you see on the outside. Shrek JR was chosen this year for Melrose’s school production to celebrate what sets us apart – our uniqueness!

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As a well-known figure once famously said, “It’s not easy being green”, and this is so true for our beloved Shrek, who is often relegated to the role of the monster because of the expectations people place on him based on his outward appearance. It’s a role that we can see played out, in less vibrant colours, on social media pages, and standing in line at the supermarket. It can be difficult to be defined by our size, shape, or clothing, but Shrek reminds us that those kinds of fairy tales should really be updated. In the world of Duloc, where everyone strives to be the same kind of perfect, it is important to remember that ‘what makes us special is what makes us strong’.

Embracing our differences can be scary because it challenges our understanding of the world that surrounds us. The pressures of “perfection” are just too great, and honestly, just silly. It is my hope, through the rehearsal process and performance, that anyone who has felt like they have been branded ‘different’ will come away from this show reminded that they are more than labels and pre-packaged fairy tale archetypes. Be proud to be you!

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Production director, Tom Cheshire, says, "As always, it has been my privilege to work with the unparalleled team at Melrose. I am constantly amazed by the talent, hard work, and dedication of the students, teachers, support staff, parents and guardians that embrace my ideas through the school production. It takes a village to put on a production and I am indebted to everyone who has lifted a hammer, run an errand, sewn a costume, applied stage make-up, put up a sign, or any of the other countless ways that people have contributed to making Shrek JR a possibility for these students.

I would like to acknowledge the remarkable cast. When we started this journey in October last year and announced our 2023 Melrose musical, the screams of delight from FIII students were deafening and spine tingling at the same time. They have worked with boundless energy and grit and deserve all the congratulations and adulations for their unwavering commitment and enthusiasm."

We know that this will be a truly amazing show, full of talent and fun.