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GCSE Results 2023


Students at The Ladies’ College have again achieved impressive results for this year’s GCSE examinations.

69 students sat GCSE examinations in 21 subjects, this year with 46% of all results being at an A* level (Grade 8 or 9) and 98% being at an A*-C level.

The girls demonstrated the breadth of their abilities with 75 % of results in the three Sciences at an A*/A and 92% of the English results at A*/A.

Principal of The Ladies’ College, Daniele Harford Fox said: ‘I’m so impressed by what the girls have achieved. Sometimes we forget as adults what it means to prepare for upwards of ten subjects with multiple exams for each over just a few weeks – it’s an immense feat.

‘What makes me particularly proud of the girls’ achievements at The Ladies’ College is that there isn’t a culture of spoon-feeding. The girls are really developing their own voices, their own drive and their own independent study skills. Sometimes GCSEs can feel like being bludgeoned over the head with facts and exam techniques, but that isn’t the case at the College. The teachers bring alive their subjects with research and writing and competitions outside of the classroom, and the girls throw themselves in. It’s a delight to watch and the results of that education are much more profound than simple grades on a GCSE paper.’

This year the College was asked to issue results in the form of Attainment 8 in which the College scored over 72%.

Daniele added: ‘The results are wonderful and I think there is real value in taking into account a wider number of GCSE results this year rather than just the top five. However, I do have concerns that Attainment 8 implies that some subjects (such as Religious Studies and the arts) are less central to a curriculum than others.

‘We are in a moment when the skills developed by debating ethics, understanding different cultural perspectives and building our ability to innovate and create seem increasingly important. I’m really proud that at the College we are able to offer an incredibly wide range of subjects, not least our unique Digital Enterprise Course, allowing the girls to explore and develop a diverse set of skills.'

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