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Gina Martin talks to Sixth Form


On Monday 28th March leading activist, advocate and writer Gina Martin spoke to Ladies’ and Elizabeth College Sixth Form students about her work fighting for gender equality in the latest Principal’s Lecture;

“I had a really great time speaking at The Ladies’ College, Guernsey. Telling my story and discussing the basics of gender politics and rape culture. There were some honest and thoughtful questions too, which were great to discuss and answer!”

Gina opened the conversation by recalling her own experience of ‘up-skirting’ when a man took a picture up her skirt at a festival in Hyde Park. The incident prompted her to push for the law to change after she realised that it was not a specific criminal offence and that despite handing in the picture on one of the men’s phones into the police they could do very little to help her. Her 18-month campaign which made global headlines ended in 2019 through the Voyeurism (Offences) Act which made up-skirting illegal in England and Wales.

Students were motivated by her determination to continue encouraging open conversation despite the criticism and online abuse she received since she began raising awareness of these issues.

‘It was really powerful how an ordinary person can do such a big thing,’

The Ladies’ College student Katherine Archer reflected on Gina’s talk.

‘Just because something is normalised doesn’t mean it’s okay. It might encourage people to share their own stories’

Jasmine Morgan of Upper Sixth was equally inspired;

‘It is empowering to know that in spite of the hardships it is possible to make a difference, no matter who we are. It really highlighted the importance of standing up for things you believe in and not backing down.’

The talk, hosted by The Ladies’ College, was the latest in a series of Principal’s Lectures which are attended by all Sixth Form students. The Ladies’ College and Elizabeth College each organise a lecture during the school year, introducing students to a variety of social and academic discussions. Past speakers have included explorers, scientists, entrepreneurs, writers, academics and Guernsey’s own Dr Brink.


Report by Kate Bain, Lower Sixth