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Well-being Wednesday


We know this is a difficult time, and the abruptness of the change may have come as a shock. If you are finding things hard, remember it is normal to feel this way, and you should talk to someone about how you feel.

Here are five tips for looking after your well-being during lockdown:

1. Plan your days. Your normal routine has been disrupted and that can be stressful. Creating and sticking to a routine will give you a sense of order and normality. Decide on your new routine and make sure you build in time to do things you enjoy.
2. Stick to a sleep schedule. Going to sleep at the same time every night and waking up at the same time every morning can help regulate your body’s internal clock which will improve your quality of sleep and your mood throughout the day.
3. Take care of your physical health. Try to maintain a routine to take care of your physical health including personal hygiene and making time for physical activity.
4. Stay connected. You may not be able to see your friends and some members of your family in person, but phone calls and video calls are a brilliant substitute!
5. Be flexible. It will take trial and error to find a routine. Be flexible and remember that you are doing your best.

Parents - We know that supporting your child during this time is not without challenges. The NSPCC has some wonderful advice and support. Remember that we may not all be physically in College but if you do have any concerns about your daughter, please get in touch

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