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Summer 2021 GCSE results


Our Upper Five (Year 11) students received their GCSE results today, after a year when the demands of academic study were compounded by tests of courage, determination, and resilience. We are immensely proud of our students; they have come through with flying colours. We congratulate them and their fellow GCSE students and teachers in schools across the island, and further afield, for what has been achieved.

This year, Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGs) replaced Centre Assessed Grades (CAGs). Teachers were required to support every grade awarded with evidence gathered throughout the GCSE course. Given the challenges of the global pandemic and the impact of lockdowns, we are satisfied that TAGs were the least-worst of the available options.

480 GCSE TAG results were 7/8/9 (A/A*), with 344, over half of all results, being 9/8 (A*). We maintained our 100% pass rate with every student also gaining five 9 to 4 (A*- C) grades, including English and Mathematics. 74.8% of grades were 9 to 7 (A*/A), and 91.1% were 9 to 6 (A* to B).

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Our students have been adaptable in their learning, receptive to the advice and support of their teachers, and resolute in their desire to make the most of every opportunity. Our teachers have worked tirelessly to ensure students have been supported, both academically and emotionally, and to impart a sense of responsibility for supporting each other.

As these students move on to further study, they can be confident and secure in the knowledge, understanding, and skills they have gained as GCSE students. Their GCSE journey over the two-year course, though unexpected, can be used to build confidence, develop self-esteem, and strengthen our young people to meet the opportunities and challenges of the future.

We look forward to Monday, 6 September 2021, when these students enter the Sixth Form to commence their A-level studies.

Well done, Ladies. We are really proud of you.

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