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Back 09.09.21

Skateboarding added to PE curriculum


Skateboarding and other extreme sports are now featuring in high profile events such as the Olympics. The young British, female skateboarder, Sky Brown is leading a path that is inspiring young girls into more adventurous and unusual sports. The Ladies’ College PE Department pride themselves on being at the forefront of new initiatives and keeping up with current trends, which has resulted in Skateboarding being on the Curriculum for the Upper Five and the Sixth Form this year.

Extreme sports, particularly skateboarding are great for girls to learn because it teaches them to overcome their fears and be brave. It provides a sense of freedom, adventure and thrill, whilst giving them an opportunity to express themselves without the constraints and rules of other sports. It encourages risk taking and a sense of pride when a successful ride or turn is completed. It develops musculature and strength, whilst providing a good starting point for surfing. It also introduces them to a new community with other skaters. It also requires a growth mindset in the truest sense of the word! Skateboarding has been offered to the students alongside more traditional sports and fitness activities.

The students who took part in the first session at the Island’s world class skate park, enjoyed the experience and are looking forward to progressing their skills each week.

A big thank you for making this happen must go to the Sports Commission, coaches Tim and Joseph, and our very brave and incredibly radical group of trailblazing girls!