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Run a Marathon Challenge


Back in February and March our students and staff covered more than 14,000km in the TLC Virtual Challenge. This covered a distance from Guernsey, across Europe and Asia, almost reaching mainland Australia. Nearly 200 students and staff took part and used the challenge to motivate themselves to keep active during this time at home. The “Healthy Body, Healthy Mind” mantra was never more important than during lockdown when screen time was at an all-time high, due to online teaching, meetings and keeping in touch with friends and family. Many parents commented on how motivated their daughters were by the challenge and gave purpose to their daily activity.

The PE department has set another challenge .... Can you run a marathon (42km) over the Trinity (summer) Term?

Progress can be recorded on a sheet on Microsoft Teams and the suggestion is to go at your own pace - 1km a day, or 2.5km two days a week. The students are encouraged to take part with friends and family at a time which fits in with their workload.

Mrs Le Maitre, Head of PE, has launched this initiative in order to keep the students enjoying being active outside. There is also a competition element to win a sports bra from Limitless, who are also offering a discount to students,

"A sports bra is a technical piece of sports underwear that protects your breasts and reduces breast movement by up to 83% during sports or activities that require a lot of bodily movement. Not wearing a sports bra during exercise can lead to back and breast pain, discomfort, reduced confidence and performance.

It is important that girls are aware which sports bras offer them the support they need. Often, fashion crop tops only reduce bounce by 10 – 15%. We are fortunate that our PE kit provide, Limitless is such an innovative company and have put a lot of time and effort into designing and researching the best bra for young girls."


Limitless Square


To find out more about this sports bra brand go to: