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A-level Results


We are incredibly proud of our Upper Sixth students for all that they have achieved and for how well they have adapted and adjusted to unexpected changes as they approached the end of their education at The Ladies’ College. Instead of completing the training and gearing up for the final part of their A-level marathon, suddenly these examinations were cancelled and their thoughts about the future temporarily turned upside down. The examination boards asked for Centre Assessed Grades to be submitted, which required a rigorous, robust and realistic response from colleagues to ensure that the results for each subject and each student were fair, consistent and justified.

Our students follow in the footsteps of their predecessors and their results are a reflection of the attitude and effort that the girls develop as they move through the College. Lessons are full of discussion, debate, developing skills and learning, and our girls are conscientious, creative, caring and inspired to achieve their best.

We are, therefore, delighted that the results for Summer 2020 reflect the journey that our students have taken, as the academic measure of their achievements to date. They have done themselves, their parents, their teachers and the College proud.

Of the grades awarded, 44.2% were A*/A, 76.9% were A*/A/B, 94.9% were A* to C and there was a 100% pass rate, as in previous years. 23 out of 47 students achieved at least ABB and 6 scored straight A* and A grades. These are excellent results for our students and our focus today is to celebrate these results and to ensure that each of them can take their next step with confidence.

We have also started the process of scrutinizing results and examination board adjustments, as well as mock examination grades, in order that we might follow due process should there be grounds for an appeal to the examination board. We will contact students in due course, if we can evidence sound grounds for appeal, once the examination boards themselves have outlined the process for this to us. As always, we remain committed to helping our students to achieve their best.

A special mention to the six students who achieved all A* / A grades.

Katie Connolly is our Rothschild Bicentenary prize, Scholar of the Year 2020 and has been awarded A*s in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and in her Extended Project Qualification. Katie plans to study Medicine at the University of St. Andrew’s in Scotland. She has been awarded The Ladies’ College Guild Ambassador Award every year in the Senior School, for services to College and the Guernsey community, as well as taking part in a range of maths, science and engineering competitions. More recently she has been a Senior Prefect and she has been influential in developing charitable initiatives in College, most memorably Bright Tights, linked to female gynecological health.

Anna Davies has been awarded A* and A grades in Religious Studies, Chemistry and Psychology. On Speech Day, Anna was awarded the Nicholas Carey Prize for Religious Studies and she plans to study Criminology and Sociology at Manchester University. Anna has taken part in Management Shadowing and the MOOT and completed her Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award whilst in the Sixth Form. She also joined the College’s charitable trip to Sri Lanka in July 2018, teaching English and completing temple renovation work.

Hannah Langlois has been awarded A* and A grades in Maths, French, History and in her Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). At our recent Speech Day she was awarded the Alles prize for French, the History prize and the BDO NOVUS ltd prize for Maths. Hannah has put plans to study History on hold and will now take a gap year. Throughout her time at College, she has embraced a wealth of opportunities and as Managing Director of Moxii, she won the overall best student award in 2019 and was invited to sit on the board of Young Enterprise in Guernsey this year. House Secretary for Carey and active in the College’s Robotics and De Putron teams, Hannah has a broad sill set and is a talented dancer. The dance she produced and submitted for her EPQ, was both outstanding and memorable.

Orla Rabey has achieved A grades in Biology, Economics, Maths and in her EPQ. She has an offer to study Economics and Finance at Bristol University. During her time in the Sixth Form she has participated in Management Shadowing, the MOOT and recently was awarded the Intertrust prize for Economics. She is a gifted athlete and holds College records for swimming. She has also represented Guernsey at the Island Games and presented assemblies to share this experience and encourage others, which linked closely to her skills, talents and responsibility as the Senior Prefect for Peer Mentoring.

Suzannah Tostevin has achieved A*s and an A grade in Art, Business Studies and Economics. Susie plans to defer her entry to Durham to study English and take a year to pursue her already successful modelling career, which she has worked into holidays and around her College commitments. At Speech Day she was awarded the Ellershaw prize for English and the Guernsey society of chartered accountants and certified accountants prize for Business Studies. Susie was also part of the ILEX 2019 team and participated in Management Shadowing and the MOOT. She is also a talented netball player.

Daisy Whiteman has achieved A*s and an A grade in Further Maths, History and Physics. At Speech Day, Daisy was awarded the BWCI Prize for Maths and the History Prize. She plans to study Mechanical Engineering at Bath University. Daisy is an exceptional musician and has been a key contributor and a committed member of ensembles and orchestras since Year 7. During the Sixth Form she has also participated in Management Shadowing, the De Putron Quiz and Young Enterprise. She has also been a key member of the College’s Environmental Committee, reducing the use of plastics and raising our environmental consciousness.

All of our students should be proud of their achievements today and, although today is about A-level grades, we know that our students are so much more than examination results. They are engaging, engaged, and have a strong sense of responsibility for themselves and towards others. With well-being at the core of all that we do, we are incredibly proud of all of our rounded, grounded Upper Sixth students who have proven themselves resilient and adaptable as they complete their journey at The Ladies’ College. Congratulations, Upper Sixth.