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The Ladies' College
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Weather Updates


Dear Parents and Students,

Due to frosty conditions today and likely weather conditions overnight and into tomorrow, The Ladies’ College will be closed on Thursday (1st March).

Colleagues have been asked to prioritise their examination classes in the setting of work. Senior and Sixth Form students should check their school emails in order to access work set by their teacher. We advise all girls to continue with their own personal preparation and reading, broadly following the classes they would be in, were College open. (They may also want to investigate what has happened to the jet stream, which drives our weather systems and compare conditions here to the Arctic, which is unseasonably warm!)

With thanks for your understanding and support. We anticipate being back to full speed on Friday.

Snow Warning from Jersey Meteorological Dept: Red
Fa File Pdf O 18  /media/84482/Snow-Warning-Service-Red.pdf


Wednesday 28th February

The Ladies' College will join other schools on the island and not be open today. Pupils, students and colleagues are asked to work at home and we will provide an update about tomorrow, later today.

With thanks for your understanding.