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Art in Schools


The Ladies' College Art Department are absolutely delighted again this term to have the privilege of being a part of the “Art in Schools” project, where rare and valuable original artworks by famous artists are being loaned to local schools to be enjoyed by everyone.

We have the absolute honour this term of having on display two original artworks by Ferdnand Leger and Rene Magritte as well as a symbolist painting by Scottish painter John Duncan.

This is Part Two of the incredible initiative brought to local schools by Art for Guernsey, a non-profit organisation created by David Ummels, whose Philosophy is that everyone can share and enjoy amazing, original normally out of reach pieces of art in the flesh, exhibited in their everyday environment. A privilege that we in Guernsey do not usually have on our doorstep!

So we thank Art for Guernsey for enabling us to enjoy and be inspired by these rare pieces of work up close.
This Term the Art and English Departments have collaborated again to produce this fantastic display of Art and Poetry inspired by all three incredible Artists, all with very different themes – Leger's “Circus” with all its bright colours and bold outlines, Magritte's “La Page Blanche” whose serene blue waterscape takes us to a quiet place, and Duncan's “Untitled” figure has produced some beautiful life drawings by the Sixth Form.