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Christmas House Activity


On Tuesday 12th December, the 8 Junior House Officials from Upper Four went, with Ms Ledger, to Melrose to help the Junior school with their Christmas House Activity. 

The Melrose girls were split into 8 teams of mixed ages and they competed against each other in a variety of rounds which included Christmas themed quiz questions, solving anagrams, naming various board games and identifying famous people hiding behind Christmas puddings!  

The girls were also tasked with creating a Winter Wonderland from a selection of recycled materials such as egg boxes and cotton wool. Everybody was really impressed with the girl's teamwork, creativity and enthusiasm 

The Junior House Officials were terrific ambassadors for the Senior school, introducing the rounds and helping with the marking. They worked with the younger girls encouraging them all to get involved and motivating them to be inventive. 

It was a really fun afternoon and a very close competition. Congratulations to all who took part, but especially to the winning House…….Durand! 

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