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Back 14.11.17

100 Women Challenge


On Monday, Lower Sixth took part in the 100 Women Challenge. 

This year, the focus is tackling some of the biggest problems facing women around the world.  The women named on the 100 Women list have come together in four teams, to share their experiences and create innovative ways to tackle:

  • The glass ceiling - #Teamlead
  • Female illiteracy - #Teamread
  • Street harassment - #Teamgo
  • Sexism in sport - #Teamplay

With the help of Brooke Kenyon, Director at Orchard PR and Sally-Ann David, Asset Management Director, Guernsey Electricity, the girls worked in groups to consider solutions to feed into the discussion about "breaking the glass ceiling" as part of #teamlead

Brooke and Sally both gave inspiring accounts of their careers so far and spoke openly about the obstacles and challenges they have faced, as women, working their way up to Senior Leadership.  

To conclude the afternoon, the girls discussed some of the solutions to these challenges and obstacles before noting them down to feed into the #teamlead discussion.  There were many similarities between the groups with key messages linked to self-confidence, being bold and resilience.

Thank you again to Brooke and Sally for openly sharing your experiences with the girls. It really was very inspiring stuff.