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Oxford Alumnae


Laura Smith and Ella Dunlop who are studying Law and Medicine at Oxford, attended the Girls’ School Association (GSA) alumnae event on Sunday 20th October at the Natural History Museum in the city. Both students were enjoying the opportunity and the challenge of studying their chosen subjects and it was wonderful to spend time with them in such an inspirational venue. The focus of the annual conference was, “Take on the World”.  Zoe de Toledo, cox to the silver medal Rowing 8 was at the annual dinner and, having achieved incredible results in Rio, is now also studying medicine in Oxford. A bit of probing makes it clear that her success was well – earned, sometimes in the face of adversity. Of the range of interesting and relevant speakers, the most inspirational speakers were Michael Ramsden and Professor Ngaire Woods with their reflections on success and leadership and what this looks like in the modern world and what it means for the young people who come through our schools. They are certainly people who are worth looking up. In a week where we will publish our Inspection Report to parents, it is relevant to note that success will not lead to complacency and that leadership is seen as a sense of purpose which needs to be nurtured and developed and understood, if we are to continue to support our young people who can “Take on the World”.