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Back 09.12.16

Meet the Author - Stone de Rouffignac


I was very happy to accept Ms Richardson's invitation to host a "Meet the Author" session at the College. It having been more than three years since I retired and left the island, I was very impressed with the new building and the attractive library.

I spoke to two groups of students about the writing I do under my pseudonym "Stone de Rouffignac" - an A level English class and a rather larger group of Upper Fifth girls. I found both groups to be both interested and responsive to my explanation as to why I started to write fiction (in addition to the academic writing I have done for Physics Review magazine).

The girls also seemed to enjoy my reading of extracts from my books, and I was rewarded with some very useful feedback, with some interesting comments regarding cover design.

I also had time to read an extract from my forthcoming book to the second group, and their responses suggested to me that they could identify with the subject matter. I found this very encouraging and it has given me renewed incentive to get on with writing the rest of the book.

All in all it was a very interesting and enjoyable experience. 

- Mr Ian Harding