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Back 03.04.14

Words, words, words


The Lower Four spelling bee came to an exciting conclusion this week.

The final round results were as follows:

  • Melissa Atkinson 2nd Place (5/7)
  • Willow Bearder 3rd Place (4/7)
  • Marie-Claire Benoist 1st Place (6/7)
  • Lucy Perriam 3rd Place (4/7)

The English Department didn't include anything too fiendish but the Final adhered to the format of a traditional spelling bee so the girls had to spell the words out loud in front of an audience and were not able to write them down. You can see the words they were set below. Why not test someone you know and see how many they get right? It's harder than it looks...

  1. Muscle
  2. Prominent
  3. Especially
  4. Happiness
  5. Appropriate
  6. Likely
  7. Physical

Thank you to the English Department for organising the Spelling Bee. Well done Marie-Claire and all the Lower Four girls who took part.

Ms Riches