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“Without geography, we are nowhere.”

Geography is a popular subject at The Ladies' College, not least for the exotic locale of A Level field work.

We have taken students as far afield as Costa Rica and regularly run joint trips with Elizabeth College to Iceland. Lower down the school girls from Remove to Upper Four study a range of themes in human geography, beginning with local geography and introducing different countries at various stages of development. Global companies, sweat shop labour and Fair Trade are also introduced often sparking a passionate interest in international ethical practice. Our girls also learn about the natural world and its hazards through physical geography such as hurricanes and drought, floods, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. They also study different weather systems, climate variations and coastal erosion. Environmental geography is taught through studies of how humans are affecting oceans and rainforests.

Currently we have around 30 students opting for GCSE Geography in Lower and Upper Five. Our results are excellent and we continue this trend into the Sixth Form, where we have mixed classes of joint Sixth Form students of approximately 13. For both GCSE and A level we follow the AQA syllabi. 



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