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BYOD - Frequently Asked Questions

Please look over the below faqs:

Q. How do I use the wireless?
A. To connect to our wireless go into the wifi settings on your device and select LCG-WiFi, you will then be prompted by your device browser to enter a username and password - your current login details for the College computers.

Q. Why can't I log into the wireless LCG-WiFi?
A. Please see a member of the IT Department if you are having difficultly connecting your device to LCG-WiFi.

Q. Why can't I access my network files or folders?
A. Devices on LCG-WiFi can only access the Internet. If you require files from your College documents folder you can copy them to your OneDrive through Office 365.

Q. Why can't I print files?
A. Devices connected to LCG-WiFi can only print  documents via email. For instructions on how to do this please click here to see our user guide.

Q. Why can I get to a website on a College computer but not on my device?
A. As a security precaution there is a tighter filtering policy applied to devices on LCG-WiFi than to the College network.


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Fa File Pdf O 18  ICT Policy (includes Acceptable Use Policy)

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