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De Putron Challenge

This is an annual quiz for schools across Guernsey and Jersey for Sixth Formers, Year 8 and Year 6 students. The De Putron Challenge is a fun, friendly and educational quiz, run in a format similar to that of University Challenge.

Three students represent the College and various knock-out rounds are held within the Sixth Form to find our best participants to represent us. Elizabeth College also send three of their boys, so there is friendly rivalry between the two Colleges. The event is held in Jersey.

The winning teams will receive money for their schools and the quiz master asks the students questions on general knowledge, local history and culture, their chosen specialist subject and many more areas of expertise such as the Olympics, Science, Cultivation and the Channel Islands.

“Academic prowess is something that should be celebrated at any age and we want to show that it is cool to be clever. We really hope that this vision is achieved and that all of the teams enjoy and learn from the experience. It is fantastic to see how smart young Channel Islanders are.” Hayley De Putron, trustee of the Ana Leaf Foundation

More information can be found on the De Putron Challenge facebook page. Please note clicking on this link will take you away from The Ladies' College website, and that the College bears no responsibility for the accuracy, legality or content of such external sites.


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