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States of Matter


Form I are continuing to explore their current science topic 'States of Matter'. The girls had a whale of a time this morning getting hands on with some everyday materials to make (and eat!) ice cream. Milk, sugar and vanilla essence were secured in a small bag, which was then sealed inside another for extra safety! They filled up a larger bag with ice and nestled their ingredients in the centre - next they added a cup of salt and quickly sealed them up. They were surprised and excited by the quick drop in temperature. Safely wrapped up in their smocks and winter gloves, they shook like they've never shook before! Fifteen minutes later, with aching arms, they picked their way through the numerous layers of bags to find their now frozen ingredients. A very tasty result - although they had to make sure that they kept their ice cream away from all the salt! The girls really enjoyed observing the two changes in state. Liquid to solid for the milk and sugar; solid to liquid for the ice. We can't wait for our next science lesson!


DSC00314  DSC00319