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The Ladies' College

Parent Teacher Associations

Both Melrose and the Senior School have their own Parent Teacher Associations (PTA) which support the school with various fundraising efforts, and also aim to provide a varied programme of social events to help make the whole school a friendly, caring and supportive community for the girls, their families and the staff.

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Position      Name
Chair      Sarah Brehaut
Treasurer      Rebecca Jones
Secretary      Sarah Walsh

Email 18  Contact the Melrose PTA

Chair Sarah Brehaut can be emailed at

Fa Calendar 18  Upcoming Events

18 November – Preps movie night
25 November – Juniors movie night
30 November – Quiz
10 December – Christmas Fayre
20 January 2017 – Snail Racing
3 March 2017 – possible “Glitz and Glamour” ball tbc



Position      Name
Chair      Sue Guilliard
Vice-chair      Cathy Perkins
Treasurer      Richard Grindell
Secretary      Rose Ann Moore

Email 18  Contact the The Ladies' College PTA

Chair Sue Guilliard can be emailed c/o the College at or direct at

We would also like to hear of any events that you think would be good for us to put hold to raise funds for the PTA.

You can also visit the PTA Facebook page