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Friends, Food and Fund

Your mission should you choose to accept it ...

What is Friends, Food & Fund?
It is the 2017 initiative for The Ladies' College "A Gift for Learning" Phase 3 campaign. The idea is to have fun and socialise with your friends whilst helping to raise money towards the remaining £800,000 needed to reach our £2million fundraising target.

How does it work?
Your mission is to invite an agreed amount of people to a meal or event. It can be anything you like: dinner, lunch, breakfast, a picnic in the park... you choose!

Level 1 - 8 people
Level 2 - 6 people
Level 3 - 4 people
Level 4 - 2 people

Each of your invitees is asked to make a minimum donation of £10, which you will then forward to the Campaign Office.

Also, each invitee must agree to host their own event, where each of their guests must, in turn, donate a minimum of £10 and agree to host their own event.

At each level, the host will invite two fewer guests than were at the event they originally attended. So if you invited eight guests, your invitees will need to invite six and their invitees four guests, and so on down the line.

What do I need to do?
Decide on your event and when/where to hold it.

Choose your guests carefully to ensure they will continue the chain. Give, or email a copy of these instructions and the invitation, to each of your guests. Remember to fill in the number of people they will have to invite (two fewer than you). You will also need to give or email each of your guests a copy of the "Event Held" form either with the invitation or on the night of your event.

Once you have held your event, please complete the "Event Held" form with contact details of your invitees and return it together with the collected donations to the A Gift for Learning Campaign Office.

Fa File Pdf O 18 Friends, Food and Funds Event Form

Should you require more information or have any queries, please do not hesitate to email

Thank you for taking part.

Christa Tee
Fundraising Committee member