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Excellent Independent Schools Inspectorate Report


The Ladies’ College has achieved the highest ranking awarded by Independent Schools Inspections, with ‘excellent’ ratings across the board.

Feedback from the inspection stated that the students’ achievement and ambitions to reach successful outcomes ‘has fulfilled the school’s aim, to be the best they can be’.

The report highlighted the school’s pastoral care was an area of particular strength saying: ‘Pupils have a strong sense of fairness and not only appreciate the value of kindness but practise it in their everyday lives.’ The inspectors also commented that ‘Pupils are strongly supported by a pastoral team that is available when needed and a curriculum which addresses mental and physical health issues well.’

Dr Vanessa Mitchell, Deputy Principal (Pastoral) for The Ladies’ College, said “I was particularly proud that the inspectors noted our pupils are highly accepting of and sensitive to anyone who is in any way different with their comment - ‘Extreme views are not tolerated, and pupils are very clear that individuals have a right to be who they want to be’.  I think that speaks to the very special culture and community we have built at The Ladies’ College.”

Commenting on the school’s academic offering, the inspectors reported that ‘throughout the school, the development of pupils' knowledge, understanding and skills across all areas of learning is excellent’.

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Ms Harford-Fox, the newly appointed Principal of The Ladies’ College was impressed by the report. She said: “I have read a lot of inspection reports that say ‘excellent’,  but I have to say when you read the content of this inspection, it stands out.”

“I was particularly struck by how brave and dynamic the thinking and learning of the young people were. The inspectors said that the girls were ‘intellectually curious and ambitious’ and ‘show a great thirst for knowledge and a desire to acquire a deeper understanding of difficult concepts’, but more than that they ‘do not feel self-conscious or fearful’ and speak ‘without inhibition or fear of making mistakes”.

“As someone who fights against the pressure for young women to be perfect or passive, I am delighted to see how brave and dynamic our young women are.”

This year The Ladies’ College celebrates its 150th anniversary, making it one of the oldest girls’ schools still active in the British Isles.

“However, gone are the days of the green gym knickers!  In fact, I think the College is exceptionally good at preparing young women for the 21st century”, added Ms Harford-Fox.

Earlier this year, The Ladies’ College was recognised as the only school in the Channel Islands to hold a Microsoft Showcase School status and in the inspection report, inspectors also highlighted the College’s effective use of technology.

“We always have things to learn,” said Ms Harford-Fox, “but I think for now, I want to take a moment to recognise what a fantastic place the College is - I feel very lucky to be in my new post.”

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