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Well-being: Physical Education


Our normal routine has been turned upside down, so it is important to try and establish a new normal as soon as possible. Physical activity and exercise are a great place to start. Whilst the weather is pleasant, we should make the most of getting as much fresh air as possible. Social distancing is vital during this phase of the Coronavirus outbreak, which means staying 2m away from anyone you do not live with. This does not stop you from taking walks, bike rides and running, if you heed the advice from the States of Guernsey and adapt should it change.   

Record how far you walk / run / swim with a GPS tracker app such as Endomondo or Strava. Set yourself a target and try to do more each day / week. You and your friends can view each other's activity on some apps. This will help to keep you motivated whilst also encouraging your friends. 

60 minutes of exercise a day is the minimum you should be getting. You could choose a set time of day to exercise or you can do it when you feel like it? Set a challenge and stick to it. The 'Couch to 5kmprogramme is a good one to start with. Many other programmes are available online. 


  1. Go for a walk / run (take a wide berth around people you may pass) on the beach, cliffs around the lanes.  
  2. Go for a bike ride – wear a helmet. Avoid wet roads – A&E does not want to deal with cycling accidents! 
  3. Do some gardening. 
  4. Swim in the sea (wear a wetsuit and don’t stay in too long). 
  5. Choreograph a dance routine to your favourite song. Include your family members!  
  6. Dig out a piece of rope and do some skipping. Try and skip for 15 mins, e.g. 5 mins, 1 min rest, 4 mins, 1 min rest, 3 mins, 1 min rest, 1 min 1 min rest. You might need to build up to this.  
  7. Play Twister! 


  • It will relieve stress and give you a change of scenery. 
  • It will help you sleep better 
  • It will improve your muscular strength and cardiovascular fitness 
  • It will improve your mental wellbeing by releasing endorphins. 
  • It’s fun!