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Welcome back!


Yesterday we welcomed back the majority of our students - here is a snip taken from one of the Principal's letters sent to parents this week:

"It has been great to welcome the majority of our Ladies’ College community back today and we look forward to welcoming back those who are not yet able to return and the Upper Five and Upper Sixth too, before the end of the term.

Today was about introducing Health and Safety and ensuring that the required routines were understood, with consideration of where tweaking needs to take place, closely followed by welcoming our community back into College. I am grateful to the girls for their fabulous response and co-operation this morning and their understanding about what they need to do, for their own safety and that of others. I am also incredibly grateful to colleagues who were in to review, for example, the one-way system, the new pattern for the day and many other things which will help our community to stay safe in their return from lockdown.

The pupils at Melrose and students in the Senior School and Sixth Form have been brilliant today; many excited, some apprehensive, yet all happy to be back in College. My message to everyone is that if we work together (teamwork), talk to each other honestly (communication) and know that what we talk about or what we say to others recognises that we are all individuals with different experiences and different needs (kindness) we will continue to be a strong and evolving community where we seek to encourage, create and inspire."

Ashley Clancy - Principal

(main photo above thanks to Guernsey Press)

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