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Back 17.06.20

Upper Five students return to College


Last Sunday, for the first time since 21st March, we were able to welcome back Upper Five to the school site.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus lockdown Year 11 students across the country knew that exams had been cancelled and uncertainty about how grades would be awarded. Missing out on a normal final day of teaching before going on study leave meant that Upper Five also missed out moments that have become something of a rite of passage for those about to sit their GCSEs in the summer.

85 days later, whilst still observing protocols in place under Phase 4, we invited the students back in to College to socialise with their tutors and members of their tutor groups combining it with the task of returning their books. Under normal circumstances Upper Five returning their books would be a far more prosaic occasion but to somewhat make up for the chaotic end to their formal academic year we were able to lay on some snacks and cakes provided by The Core and an ice cream from the ice cream van which would normally be invited in on their final day of teaching.

Having placed their text books into quarantine on the stage and checked their lockers it was lovely to see how much each tutor group enjoyed their 45 minutes together. Thankfully, the weather was good enough for sitting on the grass and relaxing. It is our sincere hope that we can get the whole year group together at some point in the near future to mark the occasion further. We will be welcoming many of them back in September as they move into the Sixth Form and we wish the whole year group well wherever their next stage of education will take them.