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The Ladies' College

Alternative Curriculum Week

Friday 30th June – Wednesday 5th July


Arrival and Pick-up times:

For activities based at College: Girls may arrive at College at their normal time in the morning and wait in The Core until registration for their activity begins. They may also wait in The Core until 16:00 after their activity has finished if the earlier finish time is inconvenient.

For activities based away from College: A member of staff will be present at each venue to supervise from 08:30 in the morning if your daughter needs to be dropped off earlier than the starting time of her activity. There will also be a teacher present until 15:30 at each venue after activities have finished.



FOOD: For activities based at College, food will be available from The Core as usual during Alternative Curriculum Week, but the choice may be reduced. For activities away from College, girls should take either a packed lunch and snacks or money to buy these if the activity is near a kiosk. The only exception to this is Mrs Winter’s Wellbeing activity, where lunch is provided.Girls should bring water to outdoor activities to make sure they keep hydrated.

SUN PROTECTION: We strongly advise that girls bring sun protection with them to all outdoor activities and we cannot guarantee that staff will have supplies with them. A broad-rimmed hat is also advisable for outdoor activities.

FOOTWEAR: Sensible footwear (e.g. trainers) is a must for outdoor activities. Flip-flops are not appropriate for any activities.

TASTE AND DECENCY! Please do not allow girls to turn up in skimpy clothing. Casual but practical are the keywords. Lots of the activities involve, well, activity, and therefore clothes might get dirty. It’s not about fashion! If a teacher feels a girl is not dressed appropriately she may not be permitted to participate until a change of clothes has been provided.



What happens if the weather is bad? In the event that an activity/activities has to be cancelled due to poor weather a notice will be posted on the Ladies’ College Facebook page by 07:15. The girls should then attend College as normal.

What should I do if my daughter can’t remember which activities she’s chosen? The registers for each activity will be available at reception from Monday, 26th June, so she can check there. Or just ask Mr Henderson!


Structure of Alternative Curriculum Week:

Please see below document for an outline of the ‘week’ (actually Friday 30th June – Wednesday 5th July) and then more specific information about each activity. Some activities require girls to bring particular things with them, or have start/finish times and venues which are specific to them.

Fa File Pdf O 18 Alternative Curriculum Week Outline and Specific Information [[UPDATED 29th June]]


If you have not yet completed an OA4 Consent Form for Alternative Curriculum Week please fill in the online form.

External Link 693569 18  Online OA4 Consent Form


There’s a lot going on during ACW! I’ve tried to make the above information clear and helpful, but if it doesn’t answer your specific query please don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll get back to you – Mr J Henderson OR 01481 721602